Custom Designs
Being a manufacturer of handcrafted products, we strive to customize furniture according to market trends and customer-specific requirements. From the owner to the workers in our company, everyone has years of experience in woodworking and other skills set. It helps us understand and craft furniture and many other products that our customers have visualized for their homes, offices, and other spaces. 

Custom Designs

As we understand the customer behavior towards antique, recycled, and wooden furniture, we have created a portfolio of custom designs. The portfolio creation alone took an extended period because our designers and other professionals have mastered the furniture standard and custom furniture designing skills. As a result, we offer a vast collection of custom furniture designs to customers. Our experts even use advanced software tools to customize the furniture designs as per the requirements of the customers. 

Your Vision, Our Craft

We understand that home and user preferences differ as per the style, trend, etc. Therefore, we have a furniture customization option. You can present us with any dimension, drawing, design, and suggestions to customize new furniture for your space.


We only use high-quality wood and materials to make and deliver every piece of furniture in our portfolio. Hence, we take extra care when we create customized pieces to last longer and show no damaging signs for decades to come.

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